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Short Answer Questions

1. How is Vortimer killed?

2. Geoffrey's dedication is a request that his benefactor, Alexander, ___________________.

3. How does Arvirargus, Guiderius' brother, avenge him?

4. Locrinus divides the battle spoils among his men, keeping treasure found on the ships and what else for himself?

5. Where is Constans raised?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the history leading up to Brutus' birth?

2. What do Brutus' sons do when he dies?

3. What does Ebraucus do when he takes over control of Britain?

4. How does Brutus end up deciding to free the Trojans?

5. How does Constantine end up giving aid to the Britons?

6. How do more Saxons begin arriving in Britain?

7. What does Julius Caesar think of Britons?

8. What does Merlin do for Vortigern?

9. What does Geoffrey write to Alexander? Why does he do this?

10. Describe Severus' reign.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Geoffrey discusses many Kings, both good and bad.

Part 1) Choose two of these Kings. Describe them.

Part 2) Are these kings good or bad? How do you know? How do their actions affect the people of Britain? How are their actions influenced by others?

Part 3) How do these Kings affect the overall history of Britain?

Essay Topic 2

Aurelius strives to be different than Vortigern.

Part 1) Who is Aurelius? Why does he strive to be different than Vortigern? How?

Part 2) How does Aurelius resemble Brutus? How does he also resemble some rulers today?

Part 3) What might this author think about dictatorships and totalitarian governments? Use the text to support your response.

Essay Topic 3

Vortigern is not a desirable ruler.

Part 1) Describe Vortigern. Why is he a desirable ruler? How does his behavior prior to his rule reflect and foreshadow this?

Part 2) How does Vortigern compare to Brutus? How does Vortigern reinforce what is lacking in Britain's rulers? Are these qualities that are lacking found in rulers today?

Part 3) What characteristics are necessary for a ruler today? How do these compare to the necessary qualities in Britain at this time?

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