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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Britain boasts "_________ noble rivers."
(a) Five.
(b) Three.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

2. Why does Pandrasus begin plotting war?
(a) He hates Brutus.
(b) He is bored.
(c) He follows the advice of his counselors.
(d) It is the first idea that comes to mind.

3. Two years later Caesar once again gathers a fleet and sets sail for Britain. When Cassivelaunus learns of Caesar's approach, what does he do?
(a) He runs and hides.
(b) He evacuates the city.
(c) He gathers his people for a town meeting.
(d) He garrisons his cities and has iron tipped stakes implanted in the river bed.

4. Ebraucus sails to Gaul where he does what?
(a) Ransacks cities, gaining great wealth for himself.
(b) Asks for help from the king.
(c) Asks to meet with the King.
(d) Searches for a wife.

5. How is Vortimer killed?
(a) His father drowns him.
(b) He is stabbed by his father.
(c) He is poisoned by an adviser.
(d) His mother poisons him.

6. At the advice of his counselors, what does Vortigern build?
(a) A ship.
(b) A large tower for himself.
(c) A cabin.
(d) A castle.

7. Who do Vortigern's magicians tell him to search out to help him with his building project?
(a) The child of royalty.
(b) A local child.
(c) A parentless child.
(d) A child born without a father.

8. When Hengist's army arrives from Saxony, his daughter, Renwein, is also on board. Vortigern falls madly in love with the girl and desires to wed her even though she is also a pagan. Why does Hengist agree to the marriage?
(a) Only if Vortigern will give up the kingship to either Aurelius or Utherpendragon.
(b) Only if Vortigern allows him to return to Germany.
(c) Only if Vortigern will allow him to be King.
(d) Only if Vortigern will give him the province of Kent.

9. Why are many readers already familiar with King Leir's story?
(a) Due to this book.
(b) Due to Shakespeare's play, King Lear.
(c) He is the king in Romeo and Juliet.
(d) He is the character in fairy tales.

10. Over what does an argument break out regarding Aurelius and Utherpendragon?
(a) Who should be made king after their father.
(b) What language they should speak.
(c) Where they should be educated.
(d) Who should raise them.

11. In Greece, what does Brutus learn?
(a) A large number of Trojans are being kept in captivity.
(b) The Greeks are very intelligent.
(c) The leaders of Greece are Trojans.
(d) He is Greek.

12. Three longships arrive from Saxony, a province in Germany, bearing two men of huge stature. Who are these men?
(a) Hengist and Horsa.
(b) Vortimer and Voldemort.
(c) Vortigern and Renwein.
(d) Aurelius and Utherpendragon.

13. To what name was the Severn River changed?
(a) The Estrildis River.
(b) The Gwendolen River.
(c) The Madden River.
(d) The Habren River.

14. Androgeus strategically places Caesar's forces so what will happen?
(a) Cassivelaunus will be able to destroy Caesar's army.
(b) Cassivelaunus will be caught between the two armies.
(c) They will be killed.
(d) Caesar will want to return home.

15. The child is given to a midwife and the name Brutus is bestowed upon him. What does Brutus do following the accidental slaying of his father?
(a) Becomes king.
(b) Takes care of his mother.
(c) Goes into exile.
(d) Finds a wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the original inhabitants that have been driven into the minority by the invasion of the others?

2. Soothsayers correctly predict that the child, a boy, will cause what?

3. Where does Locrinus hide Estrildis?

4. What does Claudius do when Arvirargus turns to battle him?

5. Nennius dies fifteen days later from a wound inflicted by Caesar and is buried with what?

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