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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five: The Prophecies of Merlin.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Now that Vortigern is married to his daughter, Hengist counsels the King to do what?
(a) Improve Britain.
(b) Bring more Saxons into Britain.
(c) Ask Rome for assistance.
(d) Bring peace to Britain.

2. How many of Caesar's soldiers are lost to the water?
(a) Thousands.
(b) Dozens.
(c) Many.
(d) Hundreds.

3. What happened when Caesar's ships arrive?
(a) They are destroyed by pirates.
(b) They are impaled on the stakes.
(c) They are warmly welcomed.
(d) They are attacked.

4. Three springs will erupt where?
(a) In Gaul.
(b) In London.
(c) In Winchester.
(d) In York.

5. Caesar sends a letter to King Cassivelaunus. How is it received?
(a) Indignantly.
(b) Nervously.
(c) Graciously.
(d) Timidly.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Anacletus draws the guards away, Brutus will do what?

2. What does Claudius do when Arvirargus turns to battle him?

3. The German worm will be overcome by whom?

4. Two years later Caesar once again gathers a fleet and sets sail for Britain. When Cassivelaunus learns of Caesar's approach, what does he do?

5. What does Mempricius do after he kills his brother?

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