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Short Answer Questions

1. Who felt threatened by Clotilda's actions?

2. What was Radegunda's relation to the king?

3. The man who Gregory refers to as changing his appearance did so by doing what?

4. What was Clotilda's role?

5. Which of the following words could have been used to describe relations between monarchs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the significance of Saint Martin to Gregory of Tours?

2. What was referred to as a "cult"?

3. How did Cato become a bishop?

4. Describe the circumstances under which Saint Martin's church was robbed.

5. How did voting work in Gregory of Tours' time?

6. What is the purpose of the introduction to The History of the Franks?

7. Why was it considered somewhat of a victory to have a bishop in Tours?

8. What powers did the prophet, Elisha, have?

9. What happened when Lupus and Ursio formed a union?

10. What did Gregory of Tours mean when he said that a man became bishop after emerging from underground?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Gregory claimed that many monarchs were not tyrannical or forceful, and they were actually voted in to their positions. How does this differ from modern perception of monarchs? What role did monarchs play in Gregory's world? Why do you think this is?

Essay Topic 2

How did the use of words in Gregory's time differ from the use of certain words today? Consider the examples of the concepts of death as well as the concept of emerging from "underground". Why are these concepts significant to Gregory's writing style?

Essay Topic 3

Gregory described a man who could sense when others were talking negatively about him. Why was this man considered unpopular? What diction did Gregory use to describe the man to give the impression that this man was not well-liked by others?

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