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Introduction & Book 1

• Gregory was the bishop of Tours.
• Many bishops were not literate, so Gregory took it upon himself to write The History of the Franks, since he could write.
• Gregory's favorite saint was Saint Martin.

Book 2

• The prophet, Elias, was reputed to control the weather to an extent, specifically rain.
• The prophet, Elisha, was mentioned as having the power to resurrect people; however, skeptics believe this was due to medical practice.
• Gregory of Tours had knowledge about the Old Testament that extended to the same Jewish history acknowledging Christ's actions.

Book 3

• Editors make the reader aware that The History of the Franks is really the cleric's perspective, which affects the details revealed.
• Radegunda obtained a husband by using both love and military force, so she was considered to be a success.
• Queen Clotilda planned to raise her two grandsons to be kings, but her jealous sons, who...

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