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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 , Chapter 1, The Incitement to Discourse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Per Foucault, what was the affect of power exercised over sex?
(a) It confined sexuality to the home between married couples.
(b) It created polymorphous sexualities.
(c) It caused an increase in religious ferver.
(d) It subjugated the lower classes.

2. What factor supported and relayed the discourse on sex to become an essential component of society?
(a) Public interest power mechanisms.
(b) Sensibility to new sexual boundaries.
(c) A collective curiosity.
(d) A new mentality.

3. What were the two places of tolerance to arise as a result of the confinement of sexuality?
(a) The mental hospital and the lower class.
(b) The brothel and mental hospital.
(c) The brothel and the lower class.
(d) The mental hospital and the unmarried.

4. Per Foucault, what happened the "will to knowledge" about sexuality under the taboo of sexuality?
(a) It was driven underground and become occult.
(b) It became the domain of the upper classes and those in power.
(c) It led to the creation of the science of sexuality.
(d) It was nearly extinguished by imposed silence.

5. Which of the following did NOT happen to the nature of the confession?
(a) Became broad in nature to encompass thoughts, desires, and imaginings.
(b) It became more vague about any actual sexual act.
(c) Sexual details became central to complete the confession and receive penance.
(d) Imposed meticulous rules of self examination.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can be said about the discourse on sex Foucault sets forth?

2. What does Foucault refer to as the triple edict of puritanism?

3. What is the "discursive fact?"

4. What is Foucault NOT claiming to search for instances of?

5. What is the "repressive hypothesis?"

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