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Nicole Krauss
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Leo use his purchase?
(a) When he writes his first book.
(b) Not until he writes his second book.
(c) Right away.
(d) He never uses it.

2. What does the doorman tell Alma about Alma Mereminski?
(a) She died five years ago.
(b) She is divorced.
(c) She has moved.
(d) She is not home.

3. What does Zvi do when the war ends?
(a) He goes back to Poland.
(b) He forgets the past.
(c) He meets up with the remaining members of his family.
(d) He slowly figures out what happened to his family.

4. What is her response to Leo's letter?
(a) Zvi does not believe Leo is alive.
(b) Zvi is too ill to respond but is happy to hear Leo is still alive.
(c) Zvi wants no contact with Leo.
(d) Zvi has just passed away.

5. Why does Bird write that he is going away?
(a) He is a lamed vovnik and needs to take care of many things.
(b) He is tired of his family.
(c) He does not fit in here.
(d) He loves Israel.

6. What does the contributor note?
(a) The piece is from a book in Isaac's home.
(b) The piece was excerpted from Isaac's final manuscript.
(c) The piece is from a manuscript by Leopold Gursky.
(d) The piece was excerpted from Leo's manuscript.

7. What does Alma tell the clerk about Alma Mereminski?
(a) She may live in New York.
(b) She may have never existed.
(c) She may have died.
(d) She may have gotten married.

8. Why does Alma leave and head to the City Clerk's office?
(a) The man says she never married.
(b) The man says she is still alive.
(c) The man says he does not have time to help her.
(d) The man says he only has information on marriages up until 1937.

9. What does Alma print?
(a) An e-mail from her father.
(b) A map and directions to Isaac Moritz's house,
(c) A picture for Bird.
(d) A letter from Jabob.

10. How does Rosa destroy the manuscript?
(a) She throws it in the trash.
(b) She purposely floods the house.
(c) She burns it.
(d) She shreds it.

11. Sixteen years later, what has Zvi done?
(a) Copied a chapter from Leo's book every night, word for word, except for the names, all but one of which he changed.
(b) Read a page of Leo's book every night.
(c) Written his own book.
(d) Written a letter to Leo every night.

12. What does Julian say about a self-portrait of Rembrandt?
(a) It feels intense, yet looks serene.
(b) It feels serene, yet looks intense.
(c) It is exciting, yet plain.
(d) It is plain, yet exciting.

13. Does Misha call Alma back?
(a) Not at first.
(b) Yes, right away.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

14. Does Zvi sit with the intention of plagiarizing his friend, Leo Gursky?
(a) At first.
(b) Maybe.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

15. Who does Charlotte take Bird to see?
(a) Mr. Goldstein.
(b) A psychiatrist.
(c) Misha.
(d) Uncle Julian.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens the day the rain stops?

2. How does Leo get into the house?

3. How does Alma learn Jacob Marcus is really Isaac Moritz?

4. What does Zvi do the night before he dies?

5. What does Alma ask Julian about his relationship with Frances?

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