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Nicole Krauss
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Zvi handle this sorrow?
(a) He helps with a trial against the Nazis.
(b) He goes back to Poland.
(c) He spends a lot of time at local cafes.
(d) He contacts the surviving family members.

2. Where does Alma search for drafts of letters?
(a) On the table.
(b) On the desk.
(c) The garbage.
(d) In her mother's drawers.

3. What does the contributor note?
(a) The piece was excerpted from Isaac's final manuscript.
(b) The piece was excerpted from Leo's manuscript.
(c) The piece is from a book in Isaac's home.
(d) The piece is from a manuscript by Leopold Gursky.

4. What is written in Zvi's friend's handwriting?
(a) "To be held for Bruno until you see him again."
(b) "Zvi, take care of this."
(c) "To be held for Leopold Gursky until you see him again."
(d) "For my friend, Zvi. Do with this as you wish."

5. How does Leo get into the house?
(a) He picks the lock.
(b) He has Isaac's wife let him in.
(c) He waits for Isaac for return.
(d) He has a neighbor unlock the door.

6. When Leo gives the man his name, what does the man think?
(a) Leo is mad.
(b) Leo is joking.
(c) Leo is lying.
(d) Leo is crazy.

7. What does Zvi do when the war ends?
(a) He slowly figures out what happened to his family.
(b) He forgets the past.
(c) He meets up with the remaining members of his family.
(d) He goes back to Poland.

8. On Zvi's last morning in Poland, what does he watch his friend do?
(a) Go into his house.
(b) Disappear around the corner.
(c) Leave in a bus.
(d) Join the Nazis.

9. How long has Leo tracked Isaac's whereabouts?
(a) For a week.
(b) For a year.
(c) Since he was a small boy.
(d) For several months.

10. What does Zvi do before he leaves?
(a) He copies the manuscript.
(b) He puts the package in his suitcase, looks around the room one last time.
(c) He walks around the town taking photographs.
(d) He says good bye to his friend.

11. Along the way, what does Alma tell Herman?
(a) How much she cares about Misha.
(b) Her life.
(c) Her feelings on love.
(d) The story about The History of Love.

12. Why is Bird mad at Alma?
(a) For destroying his ark.
(b) For allowing the firemen to take down the ark and for throwing away David's things without asking Bird first.
(c) For telling their mother to destroy his ark.
(d) For ruining his life.

13. What does Alma tell the clerk about Alma Mereminski?
(a) She may have died.
(b) She may have gotten married.
(c) She may live in New York.
(d) She may have never existed.

14. Why does Alma leave and head to the City Clerk's office?
(a) The man says she never married.
(b) The man says he does not have time to help her.
(c) The man says she is still alive.
(d) The man says he only has information on marriages up until 1937.

15. What does Alma ask Julian about his relationship with Frances?
(a) Why he left her.
(b) How he fell in love with Frances.
(c) How he feels about her now.
(d) Why he cheated on her.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Uncle Julian leaves, what happens to Charlotte?

2. Where would Zvi eventually settle?

3. What does Zvi do the night before he marries Rosa?

4. What does Julian say about a self-portrait of Rembrandt?

5. What kind of a list has Alma made about Misha?

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