Objects & Places from The History of Love

Nicole Krauss
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The History of Love

This is the title of a book originally written by Leo Gursky. The only copy in existence was given to Zvi Litvinoff for safekeeping before the Nazis invaded Poland.

Leo Gursky's Apartment

This is on Grand Street in New York. It is a small place full of junk that Leo refuses to throw out.

Alma Singer's House

Alma Singer lives with her mother, Charlotte, and her brother Bird here.

How to Survive in the Wild, Vol. 1, 2, 3

Alma bases these books on what she has learned from her father while he was alive, as well as what she has learned from reading books.

Bird's Lemonade Stand

Bird sets this up in a vacant lot near the Singer apartment.

Bird's Ark

Bird builds this on a vacant lot. Using scrap metal, pieces of wood, and Styrofoam, Bird creates a large structure that he covers with a...

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