Daily Lessons for Teaching The History of Love

Nicole Krauss
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Lesson 1 (from The Last Words on Earth)


In The Last Words on Earth, the author introduces Leopold Gursky. This lesson will discuss what is known about Leopold Gursky.


Class Discussion: Who is Leopold Gursky? What do you know about him?

Small Group Activity: Predict what will be the significance of this man, based on this chapter.

Class Discussion: Share the groups' predictions about the significance of Leopold Gursky.

Homework: What literary devices are used in this chapter to help set up a framework for the novel and provide information about Leo and his life?

Lesson 2 (from The Last Words on Earth)


The Last Words on Earth provides a framework for the novel, through the heavy use of flashbacks. It also uses symbolism to reveal characteristics about Leo. This lesson will discuss the literary devices used in this chapter.


Class Discussion: Share the students' responses to the previous lesson's homework assignment.

Small Group Activity: Create a graphic...

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