The History of Love Character Descriptions

Nicole Krauss
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Leopold (Leo) Gursky

This character is a Jewish man in his eighties. He grew up in Slonim, a small town in Poland.

Alma Singer

This character is a 15-year-old girl living in Brooklyn with her mother and her younger brother. She is named after every female character in a book named The History of Love.

Zvi Litvinoff

This character writes obituaries for a local paper in Poland and takes great pride in his work.

Charlotte Singer

This character's husband died of cancer approximately eight years prior to the novel's setting. She is from England and is small and fair-skinned.

Isaac Moritz

This character is the famous author of several books. His point of view is never provided directly in the novel, yet he plays a pivotal role.

Bird (Emmanuel Chaim) Singer

This character finds his inscribed copy of The Book of Jewish Thoughts and becomes obsessed with Judaism...

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