The History of Love Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nicole Krauss
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The Last Words on Earth

• Leo Gursky responds to an ad for nude models; he tells Bruno about the class, but Bruno thinks he signed up to see naked women.

• Leo and Bruno, who has lived above Leo since his wife died, have been friends since childhood; they check on one other regularly.

• Leo has enjoyed writing about imaginary things since childhood; as he grew older, he tried to write about reality, to fight off loneliness.

• He wrote three books before turning 21: the first was about his hometown, Slonim; the second was a fantasy; the third book was about Alma.

• Alma left for America and Leo remained, hiding from Nazis to avoid capture.
• After his heart attack, Leo resumes writing; he writes about a boy who secretly loved a girl, in a story that closely resembles his own life.

• The woman, now grown, tells the man she was...

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