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E. P. Sanders
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Short Answer Questions

1. Between what dates do scholars accept that Jesus was crucified?

2. According to historical documents, when did the crucifixion take place?

3. What rural area did Jesus begin teaching in?

4. What do Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill have that Jesus does not?

5. What is difficult to determine with accuracy from ancient times?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 1, in addition to examining the history of the Christian church, what else does Sanders say he will examine about the Christian church.

2. In Chapter 14, what does Sanders say the historical proof suggests about Jesus in comparison to John the Baptist?

3. Why do biblical scholars say that Jesus' conversation with the apostles concerning a promise to the disciples for a place in Heaven could not have taken place after the crucifixion?

4. Why do historians believe that Jesus was born between 5-7 B.C.E.?

5. Between what two groups was opposition of the law considered a basis for major conflict?

6. Who were the two pairs of brothers that were disciples of Jesus?

7. Why is Jesus' date of birth considered controversial?

8. What does Sanders conclude about what we know about Jesus?

9. Why was anyone who opposed the law seen as a heretic or blasphemer in Jesus' time?

10. Why wasn't Jesus successful in his attempts to preach in Nazareth?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What qualifies E.P. Sanders to write a book such as this? What is his educational background? What experience does he have in the subject manner? Why is he considered an expert?

Essay Topic 2

What are the two common views of Jesus' ability to perform miracles? How do the Gospels treat Jesus' miracles? What does this suggest about Jesus' career?

Essay Topic 3

What is controversial about the scene at the Temple? What are the two common beliefs held about Jesus' actions at the Temple? What does each of these views say about Jesus and his ministry?

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