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E. P. Sanders
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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the disciples continue to do after the resurrection?

2. What date do the Gospels claim the crucifixion took place on?

3. What leadership role was responsible for the day-to-day government of Rome?

4. About which people did Josephus write?

5. Around what year does the author believe Jesus was born?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the story of the Prodigal Son illustrate a reversal of values?

2. What did Jesus promise to anyone who was willing to make a sacrifice and follow him as a disciple?

3. What does Sanders say God calls His people to do in terms of ethical perfectionism?

4. What reason did Jesus give for overturning the tables at the Temple?

5. Once the Jews had changed their way of worshiping at around the time Jesus began his ministry, how did Satan's role change?

6. What prompted Jesus to begin his ministry at around the age of 20?

7. What does the fact that the Gospel of Mark focuses on detailing Jesus' miracles while the Gospels of Matthew and Luke focus on Jesus' teachings say about those two aspects of Jesus' life?

8. What does the Gospel of Mark point out that Jesus could have done through his ability to heal the sick?

9. How does Sanders say that many of the conflicts Jesus had with the laws in Galilee would be seen today?

10. What did the term Messiah mean in ancient times?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Jesus' claim to be the Son of God problematic? What images of Jesus does the claim produce? What does the term Messiah mean now and what did it mean in Jesus' time? Why was the term acceptable to Jesus?

Essay Topic 2

What is meant by the "Kingdom of God?" Why is it difficult to come up with a definite definition of this phrase? What does Sanders say are the two things that are known for certain about the Kingdom?

Essay Topic 3

Why are the Gospels problematic in terms of creating a factual history of Jesus? What problems do they present?

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