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E. P. Sanders
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Short Answer Questions

1. What date do the Gospels claim the crucifixion took place on?

2. What was Jesus able to do that John the Baptist could not?

3. There is no evidence that the disciples did what after joining Jesus?

4. The author describes the account of Jesus' life in this book as what?

5. The author says that that Jesus cannot be considered a historical figure because of the non-existence of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is a legendary figure?

2. Why do biblical scholars say that Jesus' conversation with the apostles concerning a promise to the disciples for a place in Heaven could not have taken place after the crucifixion?

3. What does Sanders conclude about what we know about Jesus?

4. What does the Gospel of Mark point out that Jesus could have done through his ability to heal the sick?

5. What changed about the way the Jews worshiped at around the same time that Jesus began his ministry?

6. How does the author say he will treat this examination of the life of Jesus throughout the book?

7. Why do historians believe that Jesus was born between 5-7 B.C.E.?

8. What did Jesus promise to anyone who was willing to make a sacrifice and follow him as a disciple?

9. What opposing view to Jesus' prediction at the Temple do some people have?

10. What prompted Jesus to begin his ministry at around the age of 20?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is controversial about the scene at the Temple? What are the two common beliefs held about Jesus' actions at the Temple? What does each of these views say about Jesus and his ministry?

Essay Topic 2

What role in Jesus' ministry and life did the disciples play? Who were they and how did Jesus call them? What was their function in terms of Jesus' work?

Essay Topic 3

Why is the timing of Jesus' discussion with the apostles about their reward of a place in Heaven problematic? What issues does this create for historians?

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