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E. P. Sanders
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much of a return did Jesus tell the apostles they would get for their sacrifice?
(a) None.
(b) A return of 100 fold.
(c) A return of 50 fold.
(d) A return of 10 fold.

2. According to Sanders, what is against God's wishes?
(a) Failure to have children.
(b) Divorce.
(c) Wealth.
(d) Seeking fame.

3. What type of perfectionism is discussed in Chapter 13?
(a) Divine.
(b) Loving.
(c) Scholarly.
(d) Ethical.

4. Some people believe that Jesus' divinity gave him the ability to do what?
(a) Gather followers.
(b) Teach.
(c) Preach.
(d) Perform miracles.

5. According to the scriptures, what reward did Jesus promise the apostles?
(a) Good health.
(b) A huge following.
(c) Unimaginable riches.
(d) A place in Heaven.

6. Which apostle do scholars say would not have been rewarded?
(a) Paul.
(b) Thomas.
(c) Judas.
(d) Peter.

7. What phrase does Sanders attempt to define in Chapter 11?
(a) Last Supper.
(b) Divine being.
(c) Kingdom of God.
(d) Christian love.

8. Sanders says that today we would see many of Jesus' conflicts with the law as what?
(a) Trivial.
(b) Shocking.
(c) Unimaginable.
(d) Serious.

9. In Chapter 15, what does Sanders say there is no proof that Jesus did?
(a) Died.
(b) Worked in Capernaum.
(c) Gave himself a title.
(d) Preached.

10. What was one of the specific groups of people the ministry focused on?
(a) The Israelites.
(b) The wealthy.
(c) The government leaders.
(d) The Egyptians.

11. What does Sanders say Jesus wasn't the only one of in the world at his time?
(a) Christian leader.
(b) Man born of a virgin.
(c) Miracle worker.
(d) Man gathering disciples.

12. According to record who wanted Jesus killed?
(a) Josephus.
(b) Antipas.
(c) Peter.
(d) Judas.

13. What was anyone who opposed the law in Jesus' time considered to be?
(a) A traitor.
(b) Heroic.
(c) A blasphemer or heretic.
(d) A thief.

14. The laws of what area are discussed in Chapter 14?
(a) Nazareth.
(b) Egypt.
(c) Jerusalem.
(d) Galilee.

15. In what parable is a son who leaves home welcomed back while his loyal brother is ignored?
(a) The Mustard Seed.
(b) The Perfect Son.
(c) The Lost Sheep.
(d) The Prodigal Son.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Sanders, a man who divorces and remarries is considered what?

2. Some people believe that Jesus' ability to perform miracles is proof that he was what?

3. What was the reputation of many of the doctors practicing in ancient times?

4. What did Jesus tell his followers to sacrifice?

5. In Jesus' time, what was the rule of law considered to be?

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