The Historical Figure of Jesus Short Essay - Answer Key

E. P. Sanders
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1. How does the author say he will treat this examination of the life of Jesus throughout the book?

Sanders states that he does not plan to try to explain Jesus' life, but instead he will focus on Jesus' relationships, teachings, and history.

2. In Chapter 1, in addition to examining the history of the Christian church, what else does Sanders say he will examine about the Christian church.

Sanders says that he will look at both the history of the Christian church and the dogma of the contemporary church.

3. What information does Sanders say a historian must take into consideration when constructing a history?

Sanders states that when constructing the history of a figure such as Jesus, a historian must consider all facts, rumors, and news stories.

4. What is a legendary figure?

A legendary figure is a person of which there is no historical proof of the things he/she said and did. To be considered a historical figure, there must be surviving documents to prove the person's actions.

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