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E. P. Sanders
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 10-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About which fact of Jesus' life is there no conflict?
(a) Jesus' date of death.
(b) Jesus' date of birth.
(c) The place where Jesus lived.
(d) Jesus' conflict in the Temple.

2. According to historical documents, when did the crucifixion take place?
(a) Between 16 and 26 C.E.
(b) Between 5 and 7 C.E.
(c) Between 20 and 30 C.E.
(d) Between 26 and 36 C.E.

3. Who is the author of this book?
(a) Bishop Linda Lee.
(b) E.P. Sanders.
(c) Michael Parker.
(d) Samuel Josephus.

4. Some people believe that Jesus' ability to perform miracles is proof that he was what?
(a) The fulfillment of a prophecy.
(b) Egotistical.
(c) A divine being.
(d) God.

5. What significant event, which became a Christian ordinance, took place prior to Jesus' execution?
(a) The Last Supper.
(b) The conflict at the Temple.
(c) The resurrection.
(d) The first worship service.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author says that that Jesus cannot be considered a historical figure because of the non-existence of what?

2. Before becoming monotheists, whom did the Jews believe was the right hand of God?

3. What does B.C.E stand for?

4. When is Jesus' birthday traditionally celebrated?

5. The author states that, unlike figures such as Thomas Jefferson or Winston Churchill, what are the people in this book considered to be?

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