Daily Lessons for Teaching The Historical Figure of Jesus

E. P. Sanders
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Objective: Chapters 1-4 To take on a sensitive subject such as the figure of Jesus and his place in history rather than theology, an author must have considerable qualifications or face possible ridicule and anger. The objective of this lesson is to examine E.P. Sanders as an author and define what qualifies him to author a historical book about Jesus.

1. Class Discussion: Lead the class in a discussion of the qualifications E.P. Sanders holds in terms of being a historical author with specific expertise in religious matters. Questions for prompting the class might include: What is Sanders' educational background? What areas is he considered an expert in? What career experience has he had? What other books has he written?

2. Brainstorming: Lead the class in creating a list of qualifications and skills necessary to be the author of a book such as this. What kinds of...

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