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Elizabeth Kostova
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Johan Binnerts help the narrator in Part One, Chapter 5?
(a) By showing her around the university campus.
(b) By telling her his story.
(c) By showing her his own dragon book.
(d) By helping her find Dracula-related documents.

2. Who does the narrator realize she is staring at toward the end of Part One, Chapter 4?
(a) A strange Gypsy woman.
(b) Professor Rossi.
(c) A tall, dark man.
(d) A tall, dark woman.

3. What century were the maps found by Rossi in Istanbul dated?
(a) The 19th Century.
(b) The maps were not dated.
(c) The 15th Century.
(d) The 13th Century.

4. When did Vlad the Impaler rule?
(a) The 16th Century.
(b) The 14th Century.
(c) Beginning in the 12th Century.
(d) The 15th Century.

5. Why does Rossi stop his research after his room is ransacked?
(a) He has found what he is looking for.
(b) His father falls in.
(c) He believes it is too dangerous.
(d) He has reached a dead end.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what library does the narrator begin her own research, according to Part One, Chapter 5?

2. What does Paul hope to find by carefully reading the packet of information Rossi gave him?

3. Who does Paul take the dragon book to when he discovers it does not belong in the library?

4. What is Johan Binnerts’s job?

5. What was Paul’s career when the dragon book came into his possession?

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