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Elizabeth Kostova
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Dragon Book

This is a mysterious, old book discovered by various people in the story, originally placed in the care of Paul. It has the woodcut of a dragon in the center, and leads the recipient to begin investigating and searching for Dracula.

University of Amsterdam Library

The unnamed sixteen year-old narrator begins her search for Dracula here. This place is overseen in part by the kindly, older historian, Johan Binnerts. Binnerts helps the narrator to research Dracula, pulling out historical texts and documents related to Dracula and his reign.


The search for Dracula ultimately leads here, a nation in Eastern Europe. Is is here that Bachkovo and Dracula's monastery are located.


This is a major, historic city in Turkey, and represents the broadest extent to which Rossi travels in the attempt to understand and learn more about the Dragon Book. Here, Rossi discovers ancient maps...

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