The Historian Fun Activities

Elizabeth Kostova
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The Historian Book Cover

Create an alternate book cover for The Historian that speaks to at least one major theme found in the story.

Dracula’s Tomb

Create a blueprint/floorplan for Dracula’s tomb.

The Historian on the Silver Screen

Imagine a movie version of The Historian. Create a movie poster for the film, including cast names for the main characters.

Missing Person Report

Choose one character that disappears in the story. Write a missing person report for that character’s disappearance.

The Historian Playlist

Choose one Part of the novel. Create a playlist for that section based on the events that occur during it.

Dracula’s Historian

Create a synopsis for The Historian told from Dracula’s point of view.

The Image of Dracula

Create a visual representation of Dracula.

Deleted Scene

Write and act out Rossi’s abduction scene.

Dracula on the Late Show


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