The Historian Character Descriptions

Elizabeth Kostova
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Selim Aksoy

This shopkeeper is devoted to the study of Istanbul and knows more about books than any man in Istanbul.

Stephen Barley

This character is another character’s assistant and the narrator’s guide to Oxford, and companion back to Amsterdam. He is protective of the narrator, and becomes her love interest as the story progresses.

Johann Binnerts

This character is an elderly Dutch librarian. He works in the university library in Amsterdam in the medieval collection. He assists the narrator with her research into Dracula.

Turgut Bora

This literature professor at the University of Istanbul is a member of the Crescent Guard of the Sultan, and aids Helen and Paul in their investigation.

Mrs. Bora

The wife of another character, this character provides another character with her mother’s scarf to wear when she marries.

Mrs. Clay

This housekeeper watches over the narrator while the narrator...

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