The Historian Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elizabeth Kostova
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Chapter 1

• Part One, Chapter 1 opens with a note from the narrator. It explains that the story being told took place in 1972, when she was sixteen.

• She describes herself as an obedient teen, taken care of by her diplomat father and their British housekeeper, Mrs. Clay. Her mother died when she was a baby.

• The narrator spends much of her free time in her father’s library and it is one of these visits to the library that she comes upon a translation of the Kama Sutra, another, much older volume, and an envelope of letters.

• She begins to read the topmost letter in the envelope. While she does not finish it, she does get a sense of doom from the lines, and then returns it to the envelope.

• At the next opportunity, she insists that her father take her along on a trip so she can have the...

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