The Hiding Place Short Essay - Answer Key

Trezza Azzopardi
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1. Describe the living conditions in Dolores's Cardiff home.

Dolores lives in a cramped rental house with her four sisters and her parents. She shares a bedroom with her mother and two of her sisters. Another bedroom houses two of her older sisters. The last bedroom is where her father sleeps. He calls it the boxroom.

2. What is Frankie's life like before Dolores is born?

Frankie is a gambler. In 1960, shortly before Dolores was born, Frankie owned a half share in a diner with his friend Salvatore owning the other half. However, Frankie preferred to gamble than work.

3. How does the family's situation change the day Dolores is born?

On the day Dolores is born, Frankie enters a big card game with a man named Joe Medora. Frankie in a a single hand of poker he loses his share in the diner, his home and his father's ruby ring. When Mary returns from the hospital with her new baby daughter, they have to move into one of Medora's rental properties.

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