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Trezza Azzopardi
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Missing.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mary waiting for at the beginning of part one, chapter four?
(a) The doctors.
(b) Her daughters.
(c) Frankie.
(d) The nurses.

2. What does Dolores see sitting on the dresser?
(a) A vase.
(b) A glass pipe.
(c) A brassbell.
(d) A trumpet.

3. Where do Martineau and Mary go to speak in private?
(a) The porch.
(b) The kitchen.
(c) Her bedroom.
(d) The hallway.

4. Where does Dolores say she working in the Missing chapter?
(a) The Moonlight Club.
(b) The library.
(c) The cinema.
(d) The theater.

5. What does Frankie take with him before he goes to see the bookie?
(a) His gun.
(b) The hosuehold cash.
(c) His mother's jewlery.
(d) Mary's jewlery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sweet Salvatore does make for the men's party?

2. Where does Mary hide the household money?

3. What is the soda distributor's name?

4. What does Salvatore prepare a large feast for?

5. What does Mary's neighbor see coming out from the back of the house?

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