Objects & Places from The Hiding Place

Trezza Azzopardi
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The Chest

This is where Dolores' mother lays her to sleep and closes the lid to hide her from her father.

The Rabbit Hutch

This is Dolores' hiding place when her father becomes enraged after finding Mary with Joe Medora.

Ruby Ring

Frankie Gauci inherits this from his father and then loses it during a game of cards.

The Moonlight Club

This is the name of the restaurant Joe Medora opens in the cafe he wins from Frankie after a bad hand of cards.

Dry Dock

This is where Salvatore falls to his death while arguing with Frankie.


When Fran is sent away to live in the priori, she cuts these into her arms.

Talgarth Priory Children's Home

This is where Fran is sent after she is caught lighting fires.

Number 2 Hodges Row

This is where the Gauci family lives, where Dolores is burned in the kitchen...

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