The Hiding Place Character Descriptions

Trezza Azzopardi
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Dolores Gauci

She grows up to be a librarian. She is raised as an only child by foster parents and given every opportunity in life. She holds on to her past, however, convincing herself she has memories that go back as far as time spent in the hospital after her burns.

Rose and Luca Gauci

She is the clown of the family. Rose will often do imitations of people to make Luca laugh. However, her adult life is far from comical. She grows up to marry a man much like her father.

Mary Gauci

She thinks he is suave and protective. Her husband is a gambler who does not think twice about betting the rent money on a horse or giving away his second child when another man claims to be the father.

Frankie Gauci

At a young age, he gets passage on a ship going to Wales...

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