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Corrie ten Boom
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the sisters taken as September gets closer?
(a) Belgium
(b) The Hague
(c) Haarlem
(d) Germany

2. What do the sisters start to do each night?
(a) Share meals with the other women
(b) Sew pillows together
(c) Hold prayer meetings
(d) Dig a hole under the fence

3. By Christmas, 1943, every family in Haarlem has what?
(a) A dog to protect them from the Germans
(b) A radio hidden
(c) A family member in prison or in hiding
(d) A person hiding in their house

4. What does Corrie manage to smuggle in?
(a) A Bible
(b) Soap
(c) Shampoo
(d) A pair of shoes

5. What does Rolf tell the family to get rid of?
(a) Their passports
(b) Their money
(c) Their Bibles
(d) Any incriminating evidence

Short Answer Questions

1. One night at the Beje, what does a strange man start to do?

2. Once a week, the women have to do what?

3. What item do the sisters save when they distribute the rest of their material goods?

4. After the man appears, what does Corrie institute in the house?

5. What nickname do Corrie and Betsie give the woman in charge of the Vught?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens as the sisters' release date nears? Where are the sisters taken?

2. What does Betsie vow to do while in prison? How does Corrie react? How does this vow change their lives?

3. Why do the Ten Boom siblings gather? What news does Corrie learn at this gathering?

4. Who is in charge of Corrie's hearing? What does she talk about with the person in charge? What does he want to know more about?

5. What happens when the authorities raid the Beje?

6. Who does Otto work for by chapter 8? How does Corrie deal with his questions and insinuations?

7. How does Corrie get onto a new work brigade? What does she have to do in order to stay with Betsie?

8. What does Corrie ask of Lieutenant Rehms? What two situations does Lieutenant Rehms arrange for Corrie?

9. What does Nollie send to Corrie after Nollie is released? Where does she include a secret message and what is it?

10. Why is Corrie unable to take her bag with her when the authorities raid the Beje? How do she and Betsie react to the raid?

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