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Corrie ten Boom
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Corrie ask of Lieutenant Rehms?
(a) To see Betsie
(b) To let the Jews go
(c) To be transferred into Germany
(d) To stay in solitary confinement

2. What takes the family away in Corrie's vision?
(a) Airplane
(b) A boat
(c) A cart
(d) Train

3. When the women arrive at the camp, what do they rush for?
(a) Water spigots
(b) Beds
(c) The gates
(d) The latrines

4. How long are the women on the train out of Vught?
(a) Two days
(b) One week
(c) Twelve hours
(d) Three hours

5. Frau Mikes makes what out of toilet tissue?
(a) A kitten
(b) A pillow
(c) A deck of cards
(d) A book

6. What does Corrie learn is the typical sentence for her crime?
(a) Two years
(b) Six months
(c) Ten months
(d) Five years

7. Corrie feels guilty because she thinks that she is what?
(a) Happy
(b) Healthy
(c) Young
(d) Selfish

8. What does Lieutenant Rehms arrange for Corrie?
(a) To have the Beje left alone
(b) To get her mother's ring back
(c) To see Betsie
(d) To go home

9. From what does Mary Itallia suffer?
(a) Asthma
(b) Blindness
(c) Hysteria
(d) Cancer

10. Corrie sees Betsie's body and thinks that she looks what?
(a) Scared
(b) Peaceful
(c) Pained
(d) Tired

11. What is smuggled in that helps Betsie?
(a) Vaccines
(b) Antibiotics
(c) A heat wrap
(d) Vitamin pills

12. Those at the Beje celebrate Christmas and what other holiday?
(a) Kawanza
(b) Hanukkah
(c) New Year's Eve
(d) Thanksgiving

13. What job does Corrie receive?
(a) Sewing prison uniforms
(b) Fabricating radios for the military
(c) Repairing watches and clocks
(d) Working in the laundry

14. In Chapter 8, who is arrested for having a Jewish maid?
(a) Peter
(b) Willem
(c) Betsie
(d) Nollie

15. What does Corrie's nurse give her?
(a) Candy, a nail clipper, and a notebook
(b) Shampoo, a towel, and a book of poetry
(c) A Bible, a deck of cards, and tissues
(d) Soap, safety pins and small editions of the gospel books

Short Answer Questions

1. Who prays for Rehms before the family leaves?

2. One night at the Beje, what does a strange man start to do?

3. What does Nollie tell Corrie about honesty?

4. What does Betsie vow to do in the prison compound?

5. Who does Corrie discover has become quite ill in prison?

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