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Corrie ten Boom
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is there little supervision in the barracks?
(a) Because of the fleas
(b) There are too few guards at the camp
(c) The guards trust the women
(d) Because the guards think the women might attack them

2. What do the officials take from Corrie?
(a) Her bag of clothes
(b) Her grandmother's Bible
(c) Her mother's wedding ring
(d) Her necklace

3. Who does Otto work for by 1943?
(a) The German police
(b) The underground
(c) The Holland government
(d) A rival watch shop

4. Who gives the family advice at the facility where they are taken?
(a) Bulldog
(b) Mr. Smit
(c) Rolf
(d) Pickwick

5. Where are the sisters taken as September gets closer?
(a) Germany
(b) Haarlem
(c) The Hague
(d) Belgium

6. Those at the Beje celebrate Christmas and what other holiday?
(a) Kawanza
(b) Hanukkah
(c) Thanksgiving
(d) New Year's Eve

7. Who is the woman in charge of the knitting brigade?
(a) The Tiger
(b) The Ape
(c) The Cow
(d) The Snake

8. What is smuggled in that helps Betsie?
(a) Vitamin pills
(b) A heat wrap
(c) Antibiotics
(d) Vaccines

9. What does Corrie learn is the typical sentence for her crime?
(a) Ten months
(b) Two years
(c) Five years
(d) Six months

10. What happens daily on the men's side?
(a) Executions
(b) Labor strikes
(c) School classes
(d) Visits from the Germans

11. What job does Corrie receive?
(a) Repairing watches and clocks
(b) Sewing prison uniforms
(c) Fabricating radios for the military
(d) Working in the laundry

12. Who summons Corrie, making her fear that she will be imprisoned?
(a) The mayor
(b) The chief of police
(c) A German soldier stationed in the city
(d) An army general

13. Who tells Corrie how to get into the hospital to see Betsie?
(a) Mien
(b) Rebecca
(c) Anna
(d) Girta

14. One night at the Beje, what does a strange man start to do?
(a) Take out the trash
(b) Wash the windows
(c) Steal watches
(d) Break into the hidden room

15. What does Rolf tell the family to get rid of?
(a) Their Bibles
(b) Their money
(c) Their passports
(d) Any incriminating evidence

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Corrie ask of Lieutenant Rehms?

2. What does Corrie manage to smuggle in?

3. What does Corrie create on her cell wall?

4. After Corrie's brigade transfers, what brigade does she join?

5. What has to be burned with Betsie in order to prevent spreading the disease?

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