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Corrie ten Boom
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who summons Corrie, making her fear that she will be imprisoned?
(a) An army general
(b) The chief of police
(c) The mayor
(d) A German soldier stationed in the city

2. By Christmas, 1943, every family in Haarlem has what?
(a) A radio hidden
(b) A person hiding in their house
(c) A family member in prison or in hiding
(d) A dog to protect them from the Germans

3. After two weeks in Vught, what do Corrie and Betsie receive?
(a) Pink slips
(b) Vaccinations
(c) Punishment
(d) Hard labor

4. Why do all of the Ten Booms gather in Lieutenant Rehms' office?
(a) To attend Betsie's wedding
(b) To say goodbye to Nollie
(c) To see Pickwick
(d) To hear Casper's will

5. Who gives the family advice at the facility where they are taken?
(a) Pickwick
(b) Bulldog
(c) Mr. Smit
(d) Rolf

6. Where are the sisters taken as September gets closer?
(a) Haarlem
(b) Germany
(c) The Hague
(d) Belgium

7. When the women arrive at the camp, what do they rush for?
(a) Beds
(b) The gates
(c) Water spigots
(d) The latrines

8. What do the women hold twice daily?
(a) Lice searches
(b) Bible meetings
(c) Meditation time
(d) Quilting circle

9. What do the officials take from Corrie?
(a) Her mother's wedding ring
(b) Her bag of clothes
(c) Her necklace
(d) Her grandmother's Bible

10. What do the sisters start to do each night?
(a) Dig a hole under the fence
(b) Hold prayer meetings
(c) Sew pillows together
(d) Share meals with the other women

11. Once a week, the women have to do what?
(a) Take the sick to the incinerator
(b) Clean their barracks
(c) Strip for inspection
(d) Shower

12. To whom does Casper leave the Beje?
(a) Corrie and Nollie
(b) Willem and Betsie
(c) Willem and Kik
(d) Betsie and Corrie

13. Corrie feels guilty because she thinks that she is what?
(a) Happy
(b) Healthy
(c) Selfish
(d) Young

14. When Betsie and Corrie are placed in the new compound, what do they receive?
(a) A double ration of food
(b) Pillows
(c) Bibles
(d) New clothes

15. What does Corrie rejoice about in her new cell?
(a) She is closer to Betsie
(b) It has a window
(c) She gets to be alone
(d) It is warmer

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Corrie find in the bathroom of the hospital?

2. In Chapter 8, who is arrested for having a Jewish maid?

3. What does Corrie learn is the typical sentence for her crime?

4. What message does Betsie pass to Corrie?

5. How does Corrie explain the tea in the house to Otto?

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