The Hiding Place Short Essay - Answer Key

Corrie ten Boom
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1. Where does Corrie live? With whom does she live?

Corrie lives in Haarlem, Holland. The house she lives in is known as the Beje. She explains that, at 45 and unmarried, she lives in a home called the Beje with her father and sister, above the watch shop that the family owns.

2. Who works in the shop? Describe how the shop operates.

Christoffels is an old man who works in the shop. All the employees gather for Bible reading and prayer after breakfast. Casper calls Mr. Kans, the owner of the watch shop across the street, a colleague, although Kans frequently undersells Casper. Though kind-hearted, Casper is often a poor businessman.

3. What is happening on the day that the novel opens? Describe the events.

Corrie rejoices as she sees a rare, sunny day to celebrate the centennial of the watch shop her family runs. All day, flowers and well-wishers fill the shop. One wealthy, though ugly, man, Pickwick, nicknamed by the Ten Boom women from the popular Dickens work, arrives to congratulate Casper Ten Boom. Despite the festivities, however, the household operates by its normal schedule, with breakfast followed by Bible reading for all family members and employees.

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