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Corrie ten Boom
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Corrie beg for in solitary confinement?
(a) News of the war
(b) To go back to her old cell
(c) To go home
(d) News of her father

2. What does Corrie want to wear for her first day of school?
(a) A blue sweater
(b) A new dress
(c) A new style of hat
(d) Tennis shoes

3. How does Corrie explain the tea in the house to Otto?
(a) She says that they bought it on the black market
(b) She says she found it
(c) She admits to housing Jews
(d) She insinuates an affair with a German soldier

4. Where is the family taken for questioning?
(a) The hiding place
(b) The kitchen
(c) Corrie's room
(d) The watch shop

5. What does Corrie learn that Willem is doing?
(a) Spying for England
(b) Giving information to the Germans
(c) Fighting in the resistence
(d) Finding safe places for Jews to stay

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives the family advice at the facility where they are taken?

2. What did the Germans find in the house?

3. Who refuses to help Corrie hide a mother and a young infant?

4. Why is Corrie placed in the infirmary?

5. What work is assigned to Betsie and Corrie?

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