Objects & Places from The Hiding Place

Corrie ten Boom
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The Beje

This is the home of the Ten Booms in Haarlem.


This represents a place of hopelessness. During their early incarceration, the women fear a transfer to here, assuming that would mean their deaths. Even after the war, this is a place of little opportunity and much destruction.


In the First World War, this place remained neutral, and many had hoped that the second war would be the same.


These show the present hope of the future.

For many years, this represents a reliable constant. However, progress soon makes it obsolete.


This is a city of many faces.


Other shops, including another watch shop, line this street, with homes above the shops.

Gorte Market

This is a central place of trade for Haarlem. Corrie sees a vision of her family leaving town on a cart through here.

The Underground


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