Objects & Places from The Heptameron

Margaret of Navarre (Sicilian queen)
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Cauteretsappears in Prologue

This is a spa town in France.

Abbey of Our Lady at Sarranceappears in Various Stories

This is where the travelers seek refuge. Oisille and Simontaut are the first to arrive here.

Home of a Banditappears in Prologue

It is here that the travelers Hircan, Parlamente, and Longarine are attacked by outlaws.

Gave de Pau appears in Prologue

This is the river that is badly swollen because of the heavy rains.

Abbey of Saint-Savinappears in Prologue

This is where Hircan, Parlamente, Longarine, Ennasuite, Nomerfide, Saffredent, Dagoucin, and Geburon first take refuge.

Stories appears in Prologue

These come about as the group is waiting for a bridge to be built so they can return home.

Set of Antlersappears in Story Three

The King in Story Three suggests these are an appropriate decoration for the man's house since the King is having an affair with the man's...

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