The Heptameron Fun Activities

Margaret of Navarre (Sicilian queen)
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Manipulating the Will

Have the students write out a different plan that they would have undertaken to try and get out of the charitable clause in the man's will of his horse.

The Forest Castle

Have the students create a piece of art that displays their ideas of what they think the forest castle of Rolandine was like. Make sure they use the description provided in the book to help guide their artistic endeavors.

Story Morals

Have the students create a couplet version of a moral for each of the stories in this book.

Revenge for Murder

There were a number of murders in the stories told by this group. Have the students come up with some other ways that these murderers could have been punished for their evil deeds.


Have the students come up with a prank of their own that would have fit into one...

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