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Margaret of Navarre (Sicilian queen)
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• Oiselle and her friend are followed from the spas to a bandit's house by two men who find them attractive.

• These men rescue them when they are attacked, but not before Longarine's husband is killed. They go to an abbey for refuge as the river is too high to cross.
• Other travelers join them there, and they learn they will have to wait at least ten days for a new bridge to be built.

• Parlamente suggests they pass the time in some structured way. Oiselle will give a Bible lesson in the morning, and the rest will tell stories in the afternoons.

• The stories must be of true circumstances.They decide to compile them all in a book when they get home to sell.

Stories One through Five

• In Story One, Simontaut tells a story of a man whose immoral wife leads to his downfall by causing...

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