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Kathryn Stockett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Celia Foote threaten to do in the aftermath of the disaster at the Benefit?
(a) Write a tell all book about Jackson housewives.
(b) Move closer into Jackson.
(c) Leave her husband.
(d) Ignore Hilly Holbrook's overtures of friendship.

2. What name does Skeeter, Aibileen, and Minny chose for the book they are writing?
(a) Southern Domestics.
(b) Colored Domestics and their Southern Families.
(c) The Help.
(d) Southern Help.

3. Who tells Aibileen to stay away from Skeeter if she wants to keep her job?
(a) Mrs. Leefolt.
(b) Minny.
(c) Hilly Holbrook.
(d) Mr. Leefolt.

4. How old is Mae Mobley at the beginning of chapter 22?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) Six.
(d) Four.

5. In chapter 27, why does Skeeter claim she continues to go to League meetings?
(a) She is editor of the newsletter.
(b) Elizabeth is still her friend.
(c) It is her civic duty.
(d) She hopes Hilly will someday forgive her.

6. What does Mae Mobley do when she sees the toilets on Hilly Holbrook's front lawn in chapter 22?
(a) She laughs.
(b) She cries.
(c) She uses one.
(d) She tells Aibileen to take her home.

7. What actress does Skeeter note is on the cover of Life magazine?
(a) Katherine Hepburn.
(b) Rita Hayworth.
(c) Audrey Hepburn.
(d) Elizabeth Taylor.

8. What name has Minny chosen as her secret identity in Skeeter's book?
(a) Rebecca Jones.
(b) Toni Franklin.
(c) Sarah Ross.
(d) Gertrude Black.

9. Who is waiting for Skeeter as she arrives home at the end of chapter 27?
(a) Stuart.
(b) Elizabeth.
(c) Dr. Neal.
(d) Hilly.

10. Why does Skeeter tell her mother in chapter 28 that most of the holiday parties have been canceled?
(a) Out of a lack of money.
(b) Out of respect for the death of President Kennedy.
(c) Out of respect for the family of Medgar Evers.
(d) Out of a lack of facilities.

11. Why does Minny fear for her job in chapter 24?
(a) Celia is angry with her again.
(b) Mr. Johnny is unhappy with her work.
(c) Leroy showed up at the Foote house and caused trouble.
(d) Hilly Holbrook found out she works for Celia Foote.

12. Who calls Minny at home in the beginning of chapter 26 to speak about Celia Foote?
(a) Hilly Holbrook.
(b) Johnny Foote.
(c) Skeeter Phelan.
(d) Aibileen.

13. What does Mrs. Phelan tell the Whitworths Skeeter has been writing about in chapter 20?
(a) Black maids working in white households in the south.
(b) Housekeeping hints.
(c) Jesus.
(d) The civil rights movement.

14. What does Skeeter feel the Whitworth house is a museum in honor of in chapter 20?
(a) Mississippi State.
(b) His dead grandfather.
(c) The War Between the States.
(d) His parents.

15. What tree does Celia Foote keep threatening to cut down in her yard?
(a) The peach tree.
(b) The mimosa tree.
(c) The magnolia tree.
(d) The pecan tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book does Minny discover Johnny Foote is reading in chapter 18?

2. What dish is Skeeter left to prepare on New Year's Day?

3. What does Celia tear from Hilly's dress that Hilly later insists Celia make a two hundred dollar donation to the Junior League to make up for?

4. Why does Celia think Hilly does not like her, a misunderstanding she wants to clear up in chapter 25?

5. What is in a letter Aibileen gives to Skeeter in chapter 27?

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