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Kathryn Stockett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Johnny Foote tell Minny he had asked to come play bridge with Celia?
(a) Hilly Holbrook.
(b) Skeeter Phelan.
(c) Mrs. Walters.
(d) Elizabeth Leefolt.

2. What list does Mrs. Phelan start writing for Skeeter with the understanding that she is dying?
(a) A what not to say in public list.
(b) A what not to wear list.
(c) A list of skills every new mother should know.
(d) A list of things every new bride should know.

3. Why did Constantine give her daughter to an orphanage in Chicago when she was just a little girl?
(a) She was ill and Constantine no longer wanted her.
(b) Constantine was single and could not care for her.
(c) Her skin was too white for her to go unnoticed in the south.
(d) Constantine was hiding her from her biological father.

4. What new pill does Skeeter read about in the newspaper in chapter 19 that is hailed as a pill 'to help women cope with everyday challenges'?
(a) Midol.
(b) Valium.
(c) Prozac.
(d) Metamucil.

5. What new gadget has Celia Foote bought that Minny is impressed by in chapter 30?
(a) A television remote control.
(b) A self propelled vaccuum cleaner.
(c) A garbage disposal.
(d) An automatic dishwasher.

6. Why is Mae Mobley spending less time with Aibileen in chapter 29?
(a) She has moved in with her grandmother.
(b) Aibileen no longer works for the Leefolts.
(c) Aibileen spends more time with baby Ross.
(d) She has begun preschool.

7. What does Celia Foote threaten to do in the aftermath of the disaster at the Benefit?
(a) Leave her husband.
(b) Write a tell all book about Jackson housewives.
(c) Ignore Hilly Holbrook's overtures of friendship.
(d) Move closer into Jackson.

8. Under what name does Skeeter plan to publish her book?
(a) Rebecca Whitworth.
(b) Anonymous.
(c) Eugenia Phelan.
(d) Skeeter Phelan.

9. When Skeeter calls Aibileen in chapter 19 to tell her Yule May's decision, what does Aibileen say she was told about Yule May's working status?
(a) She has begun working for Lou Anne.
(b) She no longer works for Hilly Holbrook.
(c) She moved to Mrs. Leefolt's house.
(d) She has decided to move out of the area.

10. What modern convenience does Skeeter's mother refuse to have added to the house as Skeeter explains in chapter 19?
(a) Air conditioning.
(b) Refrigeration.
(c) Convection oven.
(d) Fax.

11. Who is waiting for Skeeter as she arrives home at the end of chapter 27?
(a) Dr. Neal.
(b) Hilly.
(c) Stuart.
(d) Elizabeth.

12. Why does Minny think she no longer has a job with the Footes at the end of chapter 17?
(a) Celia's mother-in-law fired her.
(b) Johnny Foote found her in the house and fired her.
(c) Hilly Holbrook told Celia the truth about Minny and Celia fired her.
(d) Celia told her she was fired.

13. Why does Stuart fail to greet his own parents in chapter 28 when he and Skeeter see them during a dinner out?
(a) He is drunk.
(b) Skeeter is drunk.
(c) Skeeter's skirt is too short.
(d) He wants to keep Skeeter to himself.

14. What captivates Mrs. Leefolt most about People Will Talk's review of Skeeter and Aibileen's book?
(a) The newly decorated set of the show.
(b) The speculation the book was written about Jackson.
(c) The review of Little Big Man.
(d) The appearance of her sorority sister on the show.

15. Why does Stuart take back the marriage proposal he makes to Skeeter in chapter 28?
(a) Hilly tells him about Skeeter's possession of the Jim Crow laws.
(b) He has just learned her mother is dying.
(c) He claims he does not know her after she tells him about her book.
(d) He has decided he does not like her sense of style.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Stuart give Skeeter in chapter 28 for not working on the oil rigs any longer?

2. What does Dr. Tate accuse Celia of in chapter 18?

3. What does Mrs. Phelan tell the Whitworths Skeeter has been writing about in chapter 20?

4. Who is the Benefit to benefit?

5. Who does Skeeter reveal she paid twenty-five dollars each to put the thirty plus toilets on Hilly's front lawn?

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