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Kathryn Stockett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Pascagoula?
(a) The Footes' maid.
(b) The Phelans' maid.
(c) The Holbrooks' maid.
(d) The Leefolts' maid.

2. What did Robert Brown do for Aibileen in the aftermath of Treelore's death?
(a) Cleaned out Treelore's apartment.
(b) Made repairs around the house.
(c) Did some grocery shopping for her.
(d) Mowed her yard free of charge.

3. What is the main topic of conversation at a Community Concerns meeting at Aibileen's church in chapter 16?
(a) The March on Washington.
(b) Skeeter Phelan's book.
(c) Medgar Evers' murder.
(d) Racial tensions in Jackson.

4. What item does Skeeter accidentally leave at behind in chapter 13 when she rushes out of the League meeting?
(a) Her car keys.
(b) Her coat.
(c) Her satchel.
(d) Her purse.

5. What is Skeeter's christian name?
(a) Eugenia.
(b) Hillary.
(c) Georgina.
(d) Charlotte.

6. Who does Skeeter ask Aibileen about at the end of chapter 1?
(a) Louvenia, Lou Anne's maid.
(b) Treelore, Aibileen's son.
(c) Constantine, her family's former maid.
(d) Minny, Mrs. Walters' maid.

7. Why have nearly half a dozen maids refused to work for Celia Foote, as revealed in chapter 3?
(a) She does not offer to pay enough.
(b) She is too odd.
(c) She refuses to tell her husband about hiring a maid.
(d) The house is too large and it is too much work.

8. What news does Elizabeth Leefolt announce to Skeeter and Hilly in chapter 12?
(a) She is firing Aibileen.
(b) She is pregnant.
(c) She is giving Mae Mobley up for adoption.
(d) She is divorcing Raleigh.

9. Who is Miss Myrna?
(a) The name of a weekly housecleaning column.
(b) The name of a weekly love advice column.
(c) Skeeter's new boss.
(d) A maid in Jackson.

10. What does Mrs. Leefolt tell Mae Mobley about using Aibileen's toilet in chapter 7?
(a) She will spoil Aibileen's privacy.
(b) She will get injured walking to the carport.
(c) She will get some terrible disease.
(d) She will fall into the comode.

11. What item in the living room of the Foote residence frightens Minny?
(a) A blood colored stain on the shag carpet.
(b) A Confederate pistol.
(c) A Confederate flag.
(d) A full size, stuffed grizzly bear.

12. What job did Skeeter apply before in her final days at college?
(a) Editor for a New York magazine.
(b) Editor for Harper & Row.
(c) Copywriter for Harper & Row.
(d) Copywriter for a New York magazine.

13. Why does Mr. Leefolt tell Mae Mobley she will not go to college in chapter 2?
(a) Mrs. Leefolt overspent on a shopping trip.
(b) Mrs. Leefolt is spending unnecessary money building a bathroom for Aibileen.
(c) Mrs. Leefolt donated too much to a Junior League charity.
(d) Mrs. Leefolt hired a maid they cannot afford.

14. What does Aibileen tell Minny in chapter 2 that Hilly Hobrook accused her of?
(a) Not cleaning properly.
(b) Stealing silver.
(c) Stealing jewelry.
(d) Not feeding Mrs. Walters.

15. What threat did Hilly make against Skeeter early in the novel that causes her angst in chapter 5?
(a) To cancel the date she has planned with Stuart Whitworth.
(b) To tell her mother she refuses to follow instructions in editing the League newsletter.
(c) To kick her out of the Junior League if she does not publish the bathroom initiative.
(d) To throw her out of the bridge game if she does not stop cheating.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Aibileen recommend Minny to, lying about Elizabeth Leefolt recommending her as a good maid?

2. Who gave Skeeter her nickname?

3. For what act does Mrs. Leefolt punish Mae Mobley in chapter 2 that makes Aibileen feel outrage for the child?

4. How old was Treelore when he died?

5. Who is Patricia van Devender?

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