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Kathryn Stockett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Miss Myrna?
(a) Skeeter's new boss.
(b) A maid in Jackson.
(c) The name of a weekly housecleaning column.
(d) The name of a weekly love advice column.

2. What kind of party does Mrs. Leefolt have in the first chapter of the book?
(a) Cocktail party.
(b) Bridge party.
(c) Birthday party.
(d) Tupperware party.

3. What is Skeeter doing when she runs into Hilly Holbrook and Elizabeth Leefolt in chapter 15?
(a) Playing golf.
(b) Playing tennis.
(c) Biking.
(d) Swimming.

4. How many interviews with maids does the editor suggest Skeeter include in her book?
(a) Twenty or more.
(b) Twelve or more.
(c) Thirty or less.
(d) Five or six.

5. Who does Hilly Holbrook set up a date for Skeeter with in chapter 5?
(a) William Holbrook.
(b) Stuart Townsend.
(c) Johnny Foote.
(d) Stuart Whitworth.

6. Who does Skeeter ask Aibileen about at the end of chapter 1?
(a) Minny, Mrs. Walters' maid.
(b) Louvenia, Lou Anne's maid.
(c) Treelore, Aibileen's son.
(d) Constantine, her family's former maid.

7. What does Aibileen promise all the women she approaches about helping with Skeeter's book will be done to protect their identities?
(a) The book will never be published.
(b) The book will never be sold in Jackson.
(c) All names and professions will not be changed.
(d) All names and locations will be changed.

8. What job did Skeeter apply before in her final days at college?
(a) Editor for a New York magazine.
(b) Copywriter for Harper & Row.
(c) Copywriter for a New York magazine.
(d) Editor for Harper & Row.

9. How much younger than Aibileen is Minny Jackson?
(a) Five years.
(b) Fifteen years.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Seventeen years.

10. Why does Hilly express distaste at using Mrs. Leefolt's guest bathroom in chapter 1?
(a) It is the same bathroom the black maid, Aibileen, uses.
(b) It is dirty.
(c) It is the same bathroom the yard man uses.
(d) It is too small.

11. For what act does Mrs. Leefolt punish Mae Mobley in chapter 2 that makes Aibileen feel outrage for the child?
(a) Tearing up her mother's stationary.
(b) Pulling the phone out of her mother's hand.
(c) Spilling flour on the floor.
(d) Breaking one of her toys.

12. Who is Pascagoula?
(a) The Footes' maid.
(b) The Phelans' maid.
(c) The Holbrooks' maid.
(d) The Leefolts' maid.

13. What milestone has Mae Mobley entered in chapter 7?
(a) She just began to walk.
(b) She just began to talk.
(c) The beginning of preschool.
(d) Potty training time.

14. On what day is Celia supposed to tell her husband that she has hired Minny as their maid?
(a) Thanksgiving.
(b) Valentine's Day.
(c) New Year's Day.
(d) Christmas Eve.

15. What ailment does Mae Mobley suffer when Aibileen first begins to care for her?
(a) Colic.
(b) Chicken pox.
(c) Jaundice.
(d) Measles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book idea has Skeeter proposed to Mrs. Stein in chapter 8?

2. What does Mrs. Leefolt tell Mae Mobley about using Aibileen's toilet in chapter 7?

3. Why have nearly half a dozen maids refused to work for Celia Foote, as revealed in chapter 3?

4. What item in the living room of the Foote residence frightens Minny?

5. What is the main topic of conversation at a Community Concerns meeting at Aibileen's church in chapter 16?

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