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Kathryn Stockett
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 31-34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the point of Skeeter's book?
(a) That people really are not that different.
(b) Compassion, not discrimination.
(c) Housewives have a hard life.
(d) Maids are people too.

2. What does Aibileen promise all the women she approaches about helping with Skeeter's book will be done to protect their identities?
(a) All names and locations will be changed.
(b) The book will never be sold in Jackson.
(c) All names and professions will not be changed.
(d) The book will never be published.

3. What threat did Hilly make against Skeeter early in the novel that causes her angst in chapter 5?
(a) To tell her mother she refuses to follow instructions in editing the League newsletter.
(b) To kick her out of the Junior League if she does not publish the bathroom initiative.
(c) To cancel the date she has planned with Stuart Whitworth.
(d) To throw her out of the bridge game if she does not stop cheating.

4. Why do Minny and Aibileen insist Skeeter take the job in New York City?
(a) She has to move past her past.
(b) She needs to go where no one knows her to regain her social status.
(c) She has to think of her safety.
(d) She has nothing left in Mississippi.

5. What news does Elizabeth Leefolt announce to Skeeter and Hilly in chapter 12?
(a) She is pregnant.
(b) She is divorcing Raleigh.
(c) She is firing Aibileen.
(d) She is giving Mae Mobley up for adoption.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many interviews with maids does the editor suggest Skeeter include in her book?

2. What does Minny say God would have made people if he had intended for whites and blacks to spend a large amount of time together?

3. Who has Skeeter pinpointed as her first interviewee for her book in chapter 8?

4. What famous literary character does Skeeter compare herself to in chapter 27?

5. With whom does Skeeter have a date in chapter 9?

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