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Kathryn Stockett
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Skeeter doing when she runs into Hilly Holbrook and Elizabeth Leefolt in chapter 15?
(a) Playing golf.
(b) Swimming.
(c) Biking.
(d) Playing tennis.

2. What does Aibileen promise all the women she approaches about helping with Skeeter's book will be done to protect their identities?
(a) The book will never be published.
(b) The book will never be sold in Jackson.
(c) All names and locations will be changed.
(d) All names and professions will not be changed.

3. What is the Shinalator?
(a) A floor polishing machine.
(b) A silver polishing machine.
(c) A hair conditioner.
(d) A hair dryer.

4. Who does Hilly Holbrook set up a date for Skeeter with in chapter 5?
(a) Stuart Townsend.
(b) Johnny Foote.
(c) Stuart Whitworth.
(d) William Holbrook.

5. What does Aibileen reveal in chapter 12 about the kitchen in the governor's mansion?
(a) It has a separate refrigerator for the black workers' food.
(b) It has a separate bathroom for the domestic help.
(c) It has a separate set of dishes for the black workers.
(d) It has a separate eating area for the domestic help.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Leefolt tell Mae Mobley about using Aibileen's toilet in chapter 7?

2. What general shares a name with a popular hotel and restaurant in this book?

3. What item does Skeeter accidentally leave at behind in chapter 13 when she rushes out of the League meeting?

4. What political office is Hilly's husband running for as she announces in chapter 12?

5. Why does Mr. Leefolt tell Mae Mobley she will not go to college in chapter 2?

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