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Kathryn Stockett
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What college did Skeeter graduate from?
(a) UCLA.
(b) Stanford.
(c) Ole Miss.
(d) University of Texas at Austin.

2. Who shows up at Skeeter's door and surprises her in chapter 13?
(a) Stuart Whitworth.
(b) Stuart Farnsworth.
(c) Johnny Foote.
(d) William Holbrook.

3. What milestone has Mae Mobley entered in chapter 7?
(a) Potty training time.
(b) She just began to talk.
(c) The beginning of preschool.
(d) She just began to walk.

4. Why does Hilly express distaste at using Mrs. Leefolt's guest bathroom in chapter 1?
(a) It is too small.
(b) It is dirty.
(c) It is the same bathroom the yard man uses.
(d) It is the same bathroom the black maid, Aibileen, uses.

5. What does Skeeter try to give Aibileen at Elizabeth Leefolt's house that Aibileen refuses to take in chapter 8?
(a) Jewelry.
(b) A new job.
(c) Money.
(d) Clothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gesture would Constantine use to let Skeeter knew she wanted her to pay close attention to her?

2. What job did Skeeter apply before in her final days at college?

3. Who has Skeeter pinpointed as her first interviewee for her book in chapter 8?

4. How many interviews with maids does the editor suggest Skeeter include in her book?

5. What did Robert Brown do for Aibileen in the aftermath of Treelore's death?

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