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Kathryn Stockett
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aibileen tell Minny in chapter 2 that Hilly Hobrook accused her of?
(a) Stealing jewelry.
(b) Not feeding Mrs. Walters.
(c) Not cleaning properly.
(d) Stealing silver.

2. What item in the living room of the Foote residence frightens Minny?
(a) A blood colored stain on the shag carpet.
(b) A full size, stuffed grizzly bear.
(c) A Confederate flag.
(d) A Confederate pistol.

3. What one housekeeping skill is Celia Foote very bad at, as revealed in chapter 3?
(a) Cooking.
(b) Cleaning.
(c) Polishing silver.
(d) Vaccuuming.

4. With whom does Skeeter have a date in chapter 9?
(a) Stuart Farnsworth.
(b) Stuart Whitworth.
(c) William Holbrook.
(d) Johnny Foote.

5. What ailment does Mae Mobley suffer when Aibileen first begins to care for her?
(a) Measles.
(b) Colic.
(c) Jaundice.
(d) Chicken pox.

Short Answer Questions

1. What point of view is used in this novel?

2. Why does Mr. Leefolt tell Mae Mobley she will not go to college in chapter 2?

3. What item does Skeeter accidentally leave at behind in chapter 13 when she rushes out of the League meeting?

4. Who is Miss Myrna?

5. What deadline is Skeeter originally given for her book in chapter 12?

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