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Kathryn Stockett
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Create a diorama of a scene in the novel. This scene could be the kitchen at the Leefolt home, the ballroom where the Benefit takes place, or the restaurant where Skeeter and Stuart have their first date. Make sure to use materials that are proportionate to one another.


Create a collage using pictures from magazines that illustrates a theme of the novel.


Write a poem that reflects one of the themes of "The Help".


Write out a prayer as Aibileen does in the book.

Medgar Evers

Research and write a paper on Medgar Evers, focusing on his civil rights work and his death. Discuss how his death impacted people at the time and how that is reflected in the novel.

March on Washington

Discuss in an essay the March on Washington at which Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous 'I Have a Dream'...

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