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Kathryn Stockett
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Aibileen Clark

This character works for a woman who is unconcerned with, and often annoyed by, her own child causing this character to become the sole source of affection and self esteem for this young child. This character is also one of the driving forces behind the writing of a controversial book that could place this character's life and future earning potential in danger.

Eugenia Phelan aka Skeeter

This character does not follow the stereotypical pattern of a person of her age, race, and gender. This character wants to be a writer and to this end decides to write a controversial book that could place not only this character in the path of danger, but could endanger the people who chose to help with the writing of this controversial book.

Mrs. Walters

This character is an elderly person who becomes something of a burden. This character is placed...

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