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Kathryn Stockett
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Chapters 1-6

• Aibileen is an older black woman who has made it her specialty to care for young white children, but to move on when they are old enough to treat her badly.

• Aibileen began working for the Leefolts shortly after the death of her son because of the birth of their first child, Mae Mobley.

• Hilly Holbrook, a neighbor of the Leefolts and friend to Mrs. Leefolt, pushes the idea that blacks and whites should have separate bathrooms, even in private homes.
• Minny Jackson tells Aibileen that Miss Hilly is going to put her mother in a nursing home, causing Minny to have to look for a new job.

• Minny has trouble finding a job, so Aibileen promises to keep an eye out.

• The Leefolts build a new bathroom in the garage for Aibileen's use.
• Aibileen has convinced Celia Foote to interview Minny for a job after...

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