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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who became Yun's friend while at Da'an Prison?
(a) The prison warden.
(b) A shopkeeper.
(c) The librarian.
(d) One of the guards.

2. What verse was cited in that day's devotional?
(a) John 19:11.
(b) John 11:19.
(c) Matthew 12:3.
(d) Luke 8:22.

3. When Yun was beaten again after the authorities apprehended him in 1997, where did the tormentors focus their attack?
(a) On Yun's head.
(b) On Yun's hands.
(c) On Yun's legs.
(d) On Yun's back.

4. When Yun sought unification in the Church, what was the result?
(a) He brought all sides together.
(b) Many Christians joined the Three-Self Church.
(c) He angered the Christians.
(d) He was met with opposition.

5. During Yun's time at home, how did he feel like God wanted him to order his priorities?
(a) God, ministry, family.
(b) Ministry, God, family.
(c) Family, God, ministry.
(d) God, family, ministry.

6. Why did the court officials think that Yun may have had a change in attitude?
(a) He admitted the items held in evidence were his.
(b) He wept on the stand.
(c) He said he was sorry.
(d) He was willing to turn in other Christians.

7. What was one thing that Yun felt really marked the difference between Western churches and the Church in China?
(a) Pews.
(b) Preaching.
(c) Offerings.
(d) Evangelism.

8. How did Yun's mother die?
(a) A heart Attack.
(b) Starvation.
(c) A stroke.
(d) Cancer.

9. How did the verse strengthen Yun's resolve?
(a) He vowed not to answer any questions about other Christians.
(b) He was determined to share the Gospel with everyone.
(c) He knew he would be with his family soon.
(d) He gathered his strength for additional beatings.

10. Who was Father Yu?
(a) A Buddhist priest.
(b) Yun's grandfather.
(c) A Christian who hiding under an assumed name.
(d) A Catholic priest in prison with Yun.

11. At Yun's trial, what did he listen to as evidence against him?
(a) Deling's voice pleading for his return.
(b) A recording of himself preaching.
(c) An eyewitness account of his crimes.
(d) A testimony from his preacher friend.

12. What did Deling and Yun's mother do to support themselves while Yun was in prison?
(a) They sold Christian literature.
(b) They sold handmade pottery.
(c) They worked their fields.
(d) They collected offerings from other Christians.

13. What normally happened in China to children whose parents were both arrested?
(a) They were forgotten.
(b) They were imprisoned in the same prison.
(c) They were imprisoned in a seperate prison.
(d) They were taken into state custody and brainwashed.

14. What was the goal of the Prophet Samuel Training Centre?
(a) To write Christian literature.
(b) To send out missionaries.
(c) To train prophets.
(d) To distribute Bibles.

15. What was the condition of Yun's release?
(a) He had to remain in his village unless he had permission to leave.
(b) There were no conditions.
(c) He had to agree to halt all Christian activity.
(d) He had to stay at home unless he had permission to leave.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Yun when he heard his mother died?

2. How did Deling smuggle pieces of a Bible to Yun?

3. How did Yun react to a recording played during his trial?

4. Yun described aid for the Christians that came from what source?

5. Why could Yun not preach after his escape?

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