Daily Lessons for Teaching The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching

Nhat Hanh
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One through Chapter Four)


In Chapter One through Chapter Four, Siddhartha Gutama sat under a bodhi tree and vowed not to get up until he understood how to alleviate suffering. He was enlightened with the knowledge that we are all one being and interconnected. He taught the Four Noble Truths of the existence of suffering, the possibility of restoring well-being, and the Noble Eightfold Path that leads to well-being. This lesson will discuss Siddhartha Gutama's actions after his enlightenment.


Class Discussion: What does Siddhartha Gutana do after his enlightenment?

Small Group Activity: Why might Buddha have been enlightened? How did this enlightenment occur? How did this enlightenment lead to his teachings?

Class Discussion: Discuss the students' responses regarding Buddha's enlightenment by the bodhi tree and how it led to his teachings. How are his teachings connected to one another? What do they have in common? How might they alleviate...

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