The Headless Cupid Character Descriptions

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David Stanley

This character is exceptionally bright and mature for his age, and has the gift of premonition.


This character is being forced to leave the city and move to the country; the character is interested in the occult.

Janie Victoria Stanley

This character is a six-year-old girl who loves to be overly formal and dramatic.


This character is a twin and is bright, comedic, and has an insatiable curiosity.

Blair Stanley

This character is a twin who can communicate with animals.

Professor Jeffrey A. Stanley

This character is great with kids and often takes his own kids on different kinds of exploration trips, and is also fond of reptiles.

Molly Stanley

This character is an artist and a bit of a "scaredy-cat".

Mabel and Harriette Westerly

These characters were fourteen when the poltergeist supposedly took over the house and beheaded the cupid on the newel...

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