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Chapters 1-4

• David is in his new house waiting to meet his new step sister. His mother died a year ago and his father re-married Molly.

• David stops a fight between his siblings, and it is obvious that he is very mature for his age.
• David watches Molly arrive with Amanda from a window. He can see that they were fighting, and Molly comes inside upset while Amanda stays in the car.

• Amanda waves David down to help her take things inside. David is struck by her strange ensemble. She wears dark robes, braided hair and has a triangle on her forehead.
• Amanda calls them her ceremonial robes. She explains that she is studying things in the occult with her friend, Leah, who studies witchcraft.

• She has many animals that she says are part of her occult practices. Her crow bites her. She says it is familiar with...

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