Objects & Places from The Hate U Give

Angie Thomas
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This object symbolizes innocent intentions being taken as nefarious intentions due to racial prejudice. This object is kept in the door of Khalil's car and the police officer who shoots him says he had seen it and thought it was a gun, causing him to shoot and kill Khalil when Khalil moved to open the car door to check on Starr. This object is also wielded by protesters who hold it as a symbol of their opposition to police brutality and racially motivated killings.

Black Panthers' 10-point Program Poster

This object is a symbol of the fight against racial injustice, particularly in relation to black Americans. This object hangs in the Carters' home near the picture of Black Jesus. This object is revered by Maverick, who teaches its elements to his children until they all know its elements by heart and can recite on command.

Video of Tupac

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