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Essay Topic 1

Every other chapter in the book is entitled “Night”. Why might this be the case? How is Night significant for Offred, and what is it placed in contrast to?

Essay Topic 2

The title of the book, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” is deceptively simple. What are the multiple meanings of this title? Why might Gilead have chosen the word “Handmaid” to describe the role of these women, rather than something else?

Essay Topic 3

Offred seems to be trapped throughout the book, though other characters have different paths. What choices were available to women in Gilead? How do these compare to the choices that men had in determining their fates?

Essay Topic 4

Offred leaves the novel on a deliberately ambiguous note. If the novel were to continue, what would her next chapter look like? Use the ‘professor’s’ speech from the end notes as the basis for your...

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