The Handmaid's Tale Character Descriptions

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The Handmaid of the title, Offred is the name of the narrator. She had another name back before all of the changes took place, but it is never revealed. Offred is melancholy and starts off being generally resigned about her situation as a Handmaid. However, as the novel progresses, she thinks back to all of her training, and her life before, when she had an affair with a married man – Luke – whom she eventually married, and with whom she had a daughter. This daughter was taken away from her as she was considered ‘unfit’ after the changes. Now, Offred does what she must, and describes in straightforward language what her days are like. However, she is struck by moments of hope for the future, always knowing that this hope is most likely misplaced.


Moira is Offred’s friend from university, who was later in training with...

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