The Handmaid's Tale Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• The book opens with the narrator’s memories of the training center.

• She describes the place, and its former uses; she also discusses the trade-off the women there had made, and how they wondered about their futures.

• This brief chapter ends as the narrator gives the real names of some of the women at the center.

Chapter 2

• The narrator, Offred, describes the bare furnishings of her room.

• She then goes downstairs to the kitchen to get shopping tokens from the Marthas, for she will have to go to buy eggs, a chicken, and other supplies for the household.

• In the garden, Offred passes the Commander’s wife, and wonders why she envies her.

• She then thinks back to her arrival, when she realized that the Commander’s wife is a televangelist named Serena Joy, or was before the changes occurred.

• Offred passes Nick, the chauffeur, washing the...

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