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Short Answer Questions

1. Who forms the Army of Liberation?

2. Where does Ishmael attend school when he is nine?

3. Why does the Arab well not have any water in it?

4. What group does Mr. Salmi belong to?

5. Why are the Tabah villagers surrounded by Jihad soldiers when they spend the night in a field in Ramle?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mayor Bakshir think about Palestine's government?

2. What happens after the death of Abdullah?

3. How does Mudhil help Ibrahim make it to the Zurich conference?

4. How do Ibrahim and Ishmael plan to contact Gideon in Part 4, Chapters 1-5?

5. What do the Jews do to prepare their land for farming?

6. What happens during Gideon's meetings with British Colonel Frederick Brompton?

7. What advice does Brompton give regarding Plan D?

8. What have groups of Arab leaders begun doing since the mention of a partition of Palestine?

9. What makes Ishmael jealous of Sabri in Part 3, Chapter 5?

10. What happens when Ibrahim refuses to give money or men to the Mufti and the Arab Higher Committee?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the role of the refugee camp. How do these camps impact the people who stay in them? How do they impact the people who do not stay in them? What is the message the author delivers about refugee camps?

Essay Topic 2

How are Jews depicted in this novel? Take a close look at the rhetoric and language used when Jews are discussed. What is the purpose of this?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the Jericho Project. What were the purposes of the project and why did it fail? What does this project represent to this region of the Middle East?

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